Friday, June 19, 2009

What's for dinner?

I think one of the fears that we all had upon embarking on the trip was food - what would we eat, would we enjoy it, would it be too spicy, and would we need to dip into the trail mix and granola bars? So far, we have all been fed incredibly well, offered and trying new dishes, and bringing back some new favorites to the states! Breakfasts have been at the hotel and consist of some local and Western fare - and always a ton of fruit. Our lunches and dinners have all been together (and we are all still talking with one another). We are given a few courses at each meal, and we each take a sample of a dish and pass it on. Various spring rolls, including some made at our table from a grilled fish, soups with different ingredients, different pork and fish dishes, and prawns. The fruit is so incredible - dragonfruit, pineapple, pomelas, rambutan, papaya, tiny bananas. Hopefully we can help Tony develop an authentic menu for lunch one day in the Middle School!

No fried cricket yet ... but the search continues ...

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