Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids steal the show, again.

A hot day in Siem Reap was followed again with a visit to a school-actually an orphanage. The students live there, in families, about 7 per family. They stay in a little house (bunk beds, no indoor plumbing) and eat on picnic style on their campus-on picnic tables. They performed some traditional Cambodian dances-4 of them- little girls doing doing a dance that symbolized a garden and flowers, a group of middle school age kids acting like middle school kids but doing an intricate dance, and a group of older students dealing with the theme of dating and such. Again, even after seeing the wonders of the world at Angkor Wat, and the other temples, which are truly wonders, these little kids with their smile and friendly faces put everything in perspective.

I read before coming here that Cambodia people are the most friendy in the world. That is truly an understatement. What a place and what a people!

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