Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Boat Story - with a little more detail

So here’s the whole boat story. We were cruising up the Mekong at a pretty solid clip when the boat conked out, in the middle of proverbial nowhere (well, it was in the middle of the river, but not by bustling metropolis). Our boat guys tried to get it to start but to no avail. Thankfully, cell phones have been invented, and our guide had a solid enough phone plan to have coverage. He hailed a passing fishing boat that towed us to the nearest dock, where we actually had a van getting prepped for another hour ride to Phnom Penh. We strolled up a muddy embankment into the back of a family home, grabbed something to drink, loaded the van, and headed to Cambodia’s capital. We are looking at it as a blessing in disguise, as we were able to take in a lot of the countryside and some smaller villages that we would not have seen without the engine dying. As Paul said, it just added to the adventure of the trip.
So if you are ever in the village of Nek Leoung, don't worry - you can find a ride. Check out some images and video!