Friday, June 19, 2009

the marketplace on the mekong

Today, you almost had to be there to appreciate it. I need an economics lesson without a doubt. We traveled the Mekong River today, check out the pictures, and saw an economy in full bloom. There were boats with just about any vegetable you might want to see: watermellons, potatoes, and fruits almost beyond imagining. All of these on relatively small boats with a family delivering or selling them to someone. Maybe they are what we ate for lunch or dinner. But, the whole process, and the amount of work and workers involved, are amazing. The pictures tell the story better that I can. I would say you have to be there, but that is an understatement.

What a trip. I am impressed with the Vietnamese people more each day. I would not say it is a life I would like, but they work hard to do what needs to be done, to support themselves and their families. It seems like nothing is more important.

I have ended the day, and our time in Vietnam, with thousands of Dong. This might sound like a lot but it only a few dollars. There is a great math lesson here. I will work on that.


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