Friday, June 19, 2009

Telling the story with pictures

So far, we have collectively taken well over a thousand pictures and 100 videos, and I am posting as may as I can to flickr. When you look at the pictures, you will see that we are all seeing common places and sites, but often through different perspectives. At various times, we may be looking for an example of advertising, bridge structure, historical visuals, math in action,food, and pictures of the people and countryside.

It is taking a long time to load all of the pictures, so we may be a day behind or so on the first round for each day. I will continue to load them every chance I get! Always check the slideshow on the top right, as it changes from time to time and new images are added. It is hopefully chronological, and gives you a quick idea of our activities.

We will also try to get a few more perspectives in the posts over the next few days (enough about the history, right?). We should have some time today for varied contribution.


  1. I am loving the pictures and videos... how interesting. This sounds like such an awesome trip.

  2. I am sitting in a meeting in Stevens Point, finding it hard to concentrate on the wonderful people in front of me because of the photos. It's amazing ... not only the photos themselves but also the fact that I can see them right now, while you're still there. I can't wait to hear all about this in the fall!!!