Friday, June 19, 2009

Temples of Chau Doc

The city of Chau Doc, close to the Cambodian border, hosts many holy sites for the people of the Mekong. The Ty An Pagoda is the most prominent pagoda at the base of Sam Mountain. The pagaoda has an interesting history and is home to over one hundred statues of Buddha. We leared a bit about Buddhism and watched the actions of Budhist monks in the pagoida. An additional temple to Xu Lady was across the street. We also visited the tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau the Vietnamese leader that reunited the area and established settlement. Many visitors from outside of the area were paying tribute to him.

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  1. Hello Middle School Teachers!

    First of all, Mrs. Lounsberry, I couldn't quite figure out where you had disappeared too, but now, I found you in Vietnam. The blogs and pictures offer profound insight to a culture that the United States still does not understand, even thirty years later. We are now awaiting the arrival of our second major thunderstorm in two days, while you are sweltering at 7:15 AM. We wish we were there!

    The Vaughns