Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farming on the water?

We all knew that farming was the base of the economy in the Mekong River basin, but we really didn't understand how a small family could have a fish farm ... until this morning. We toured a small fish farming village of about 300 families. Their houses are built on the water (usually on pontoons) and connected by planks and ropes. Under the houses, tanks are constructed that go about four to six meters underwater (we are becoming so metric). In the tanks? You guessed it - fish - tons of fish. The families open a door on the floor of the house, drop in some food, and it's feeding frenzy time. We saw the feeding and the harvesting and were amazed at such a different way of life.

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  1. Hello world travelers! I've been keeping up with your travels every day and am amazed by your adventures. The pictures and videos are great and confirm that I wouldn't have been able to fit in the tunnel! Linda