Sunday, January 24, 2010

From Cambodia

Dear Pamela.

Yeah.How do you do!

At first i'd like sorry for did not email to you for a long itme and did not answer to all of your questions before.because i've been busy with my studying at school.
Oh.I want to tell you that I will get the first semester on 3th until 6th next month.
I hope I will be great on that days.

Oh.Have your school have semesters or not?
There are two semesters in here.
For 7,8,10,11 grade,but it different for 9,12.
When i'm in 12th grade i'll get two semesters and then i'll get the final test.
If i past i'll continue to the University.If i fall i won't continueto the University.

Here is very cold.The weather was changed.
Before was cold in the December and begin January,but now wan't cold in December,but it's cold in the middle of January.
I get up early and then i take a shower,it's very and very cold.

Yeah of course i can answer to you question.
When i'm not school i like to study the subjects that I studied at school and sometimes I read and practice english. Are you busy with your job? When will your visit us again?

Yeah.thanks very much....
I hope that I'll get your email back.

Best regards,