Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello from Hong Kong

What we learned on our first flight ...
  • 17 hours on a plane really doesn't seem like 17 hours - it seems more like 1,000 hours.
  • To get from Chicago to Hong Kong, you need to go over the Arctic
  • If you taxi for an hour waiting for the right wind, you burn enough fuel to need refueling
  • Hot noodles make a tasty airplane snack
  • Hannah Montana is not very funny on little sleep
  • If you go outside the plane at a high altitude, it's 57 degrees below zero - so don't do that
  • You can go to the bathroom 10 times on a 17 hour flight

We are awaiting flight 869 to Ho Chi Minh City!


  1. Nice Job guys. I can't wait to read some more.

    Take care, and have a great time!

  2. Glad you still have your sense of humor after 17 hours! Can't wait to read more! Have a fantastic trip!

  3. I personaly don't find Hannah Montana funny even when well rested. I can't imagine a flight that long- holy cow! Glad to hear that you all are safe in Hong Kong and look forward to reading more about your travels when you arrive to Ho Chi Minh City. Chuck, I'll be sure to keep you updated about the upcoming Taft/Piper dream world series match up between the Brewers and the Tigers.